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Kyle O’Brien

Kyle O’Brien received a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Miami University. He has taught for four years, two of which were spent in China and another two in the United States. Besides teaching ELL, Kyle has taught a variety of subjects in the social sciences, including: economics, history, geography, government and sociology. Outside of the classroom, Kyle enjoys hiking, reading, traveling and drinking endless cups of coffee.


Dylan Myburgh

My name is Dylan Myburgh. I like to go by my first name. I have now lived as an educator in China for more than 10 years. My goal in the classroom is not only to transfer knowledge, but also to teach students strategies that can make learning enjoyable and efficient. Ideally, I want to see learners become excited about and hungry for learning. I plan to cultivate positive growth mindset environment, with the teacher and student working as partners.

我叫Dylan Myburgh。我喜欢别人叫我Dylan。我已经在中国教书超过10年。我的教学目的不仅是传授知识,而且还要教给学生愉快和有效的学习策略。理想情况下,我希望看到学生对学习变得兴奋和渴望。我会与我的学生共同合作,为学生创建健康成长的积极心理环境。

Sam Opaleye

Sam Opaleye received a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Health Sciences and a Bachelor of Education, both from York University in Toronto, Canada.  He has taught math, science, english, physical education, and social studies from grades 4 to 12. Sam enjoys coaching, mentoring, and motivating young minds. He has coached and mentored student-athletes from various backgrounds.  He has assumed several leadership roles that helped many young adults become more successful in their lives, and he is always looking for effective ways to improve his teaching practice.

萨姆·奥帕莱从加拿大多伦多约克大学获得运动和健康科学学士学位和教育学士学位。他教过数学,科学,英语,物理教育。 4年级到12年级的社会学。山姆喜欢做教练、指导和激励年轻人的思想和生活。他指导过来自不同背景的学生和运动员。他坚信——领导角色帮助许多年轻人在生活中变得更加成功,他一直在寻找有效的方法来改进他的教学。


My name is Busisiwe Precious Ngubo. I am 26 years old. I’m from South Africa. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Genetics and Microbiology) in 2014 from the University of Kwazulu Natal, then in 2015 I graduated for my PGCE. I have been a teacher for 3 years and my work experience is as follows: Maths and Science teacher -Department of Education (South Africa) from 2016 - 2018, ESL teacher -Maple leaf international school (Tianjin-Huayuan campus) from 2018 – 2019, I’m currently in Shenzhen campus teaching Maths, Science and English Learning Art to students in Level 4 and 5.

我的名字叫Busisiwe. 我26岁,来自于南非。在2014年,我本科毕业于Kwazulu Natal大学的基因与微生物学专业,然后在2015年,我毕业于教育专业硕士。我从教三年了,我的任教经历如下:2016-2018年,我在南非的教育部门从事数学与科学教师,在2018-2019年,我在枫叶国际学校的天津校区担任外语教师。目前,我在深圳枫叶校区担任4和5年级的数学、科学和英语教师。

Oscar Sinclair

My name is Oscar Sinclair, I am 33 years old and I come from England. I hold a BSc degree in computing and have many years of teaching experience both abroad and in the UK. During the last five years I have worked for several schools in Thailand. In England I worked at a primary school for two and a half years as a teaching assistant, during which time I completed my university dissertation. My dissertation was a research piece into the use of information technology in primary education. I have enjoyed teaching English to non-native speakers and I have had the opportunity to learn lots about different cultures in the process. Since arriving here I have begun working for Maple Leaf and I look forward to many more years working with children here in China.

我的名字是 Oscar Sinclair. 我33岁,来自英国。我持有计算机专业的理学本科学士,并且有多年的教学经验,包括在海外和英国。在过去的5年时间,我在泰国的几家学校工作过。在英国,我在一所小学工作过两年,有一年半时间是作为教学助手,在那段时间里,我完成了我的大学论文。我的毕业论文是研究在基础教育中使用信息技术的一篇研究性文章。我很享受向非英语母语者教授英语,在这个过程中我就有机会去学习到很多不同的文化。自从任教于深圳枫叶之后,我期待能够继续与中国的孩子们一起学习。

Gulzhan Elkin

My name is Gulzhan Elkin. I hold a BA in Russian Studies and a MA in International Studies from East Carolina University, USA. I also obtained my TEFL certificate from Chicago Language Institute.

My first experience as an ESL teacher was at the East Carolina University Language Academy (ECULA) in the Unites States where I taught college students from various countries (Saudi Arabia, China, Congo, Brazil, Venezuela, and Iraq) for two and a half years. I was teaching intermediate level English that included reading, vocabulary, grammar and oral communication. Later, I worked as a substitute teacher at Beaufort County public schools of North Carolina for two years. I taught students in the absence of their regular classroom teacher, learning subject matter and skills that were required for scheduled lessons and provided meaningful instruction for assigned classrooms.

In 2016, I moved to China to teach at Maple Leaf International School- Tianjin Huayuan. During academic year 2016-2017, I taught English to Pre-K, kindergarten and 5th grade students. During academic year of 2017-2018, I taught four First Grade classes, 25 students in each class. The academic year of 2018-2019 I taught two Second Grades, one 5th and 6th Grades students. This academic year of 2019-2020 I am teaching First Grade students at Maple Leaf International Academy in Shenzhen.

我的名字叫 Gulzhan Elkin. 我本科毕业于美国East Carolina大学的俄罗斯研究专业,硕士毕业于本校的国际研究。同时,我也具有芝加哥语言机构颁发的国际英语教师资格证。我的第一份工作是留在大学母校的语言学院,担任外语教师。在那里,我教来自各个国家的大学生学习英语,长达2年半时间。我也曾教授中级英语,包括阅读、词汇、语法和口头交流。之后,我在北卡罗来纳的一所公立学校担任了两年的代课老师。在代课期间,我教学生们学习课程所要求的科目主题和技能,然后提供给他们一些有意义的指导。在2016年,我来到了中国,在天津华苑枫叶学校从教。2016-2017年度,我教授幼儿园和5年级的孩子们学习英语。在2017-2018年度,我教一年级英语,每个班有25个学生。在2018-2019的第一学期,我教256年级学生,而在这一年,我正在深圳枫叶学校教1年级小朋友。

David Reimer

Hi my name is David Reimer from Canada.  I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and English Literature and Language from the University of Waterloo, and have a Bachelor of Education with a teachable subject in Language Arts from Wilfred Laurier University.  I am currently teaching grade 10 and grade 11 literature, grade 11 drama, and grade 11 travel and tourism.

My teaching experience includes the last two years at international schools in Shenzhen teaching primarily language arts. I have also worked with young people as a Recreation Coordinator at a community centre, a caseworker for teenagers in need of support, and a residential counsellor for people with disabilities.  I enjoy working with youth to foster independence and am excited to share the skills and enthusiasm toward literature that I acquired in University and beyond. I like playing a variety of sports such as Rugby, Ice hockey, Soccer/Football, Basketball, and Badminton.

我名字叫David Reimer,来自加拿大。我拥有Waterloo,大学的心理学荣誉文学士学位和英语文学与语言学位,并且拥有Wilfrid Laurier大学语言艺术学士学位。目前,我正在教授10年级和11年级的文学,11年级的戏剧和旅行。


Shelly Ann Christie

My name is Shelly Ann Christie.  I have been a teacher from 2007 to present. I am a cultural  ambassador  for the school I was teaching my extra curricular  activities  are dancing. I am very dedicated to what I do and I am also hardworking. My experience  takes me to cultural events and I am willing to teach the students my skills. I am currently  teaching  Grade 3 level 1 and Grade 4 level 3. I hope I can make a mark on the students that I teach. And I am proud to be a part of your school.Education : 2004 to 2007 College of Arts Science and Education, (teaching diploma) 2014 to 2016 International University  of the Caribbean (Bachelors of Education second class honours.

我的名字叫 Shelly Ann Christie,我07年毕业于在艺术科学和教育学院,16年获得了 Caribbean 国际大学的二等学士学位。现在从教有13年了,我是一名学校的文化大使,我也曾教授过额外的活动课和舞蹈课。我致力于我的工作,我也很努力上进。我的教学经历让我体验了很多文化事件,我也很愿意去分享给我的学生们,教给他们我学习到的技能。目前,我教授3、4年级。我希望我能给我所教的学生留下深刻的印象,同时我也为成为枫叶学校的一员而感到自豪。